Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 She is growing and changing so fast. Everyday i have to catch my breath and quickly write a memory down in my journal of her NEW habit or trick. 
 I love how she kisses her sister like she loves her with her every being. And she looks for her bug sister for praise and rescue at every turn.
 I love how she snuggles and calls me MUM like a little british babe:) 
 How she snuggles right up under my arm almost every morning after she eats and pats my back as if to say "its ok mom go back to sleep now I'm good..
 I love how she wrinkles her nose and how she wobbles fast through the house saying "WOWww" all the time now..This mama wants to make time stop and for all its worth i know that i  know its just not possible for me to hold my baby back from growing

I still hope.. I hope that she stays this way a little longer
We sit and laugh with her our little ball of JOY 
Her first birthday is coming upon us and i feel so many emotions running through me
thankful, blessed, overjoyed, loved, lucky to have my kids healthy, strong, and loved 
and praying to really be present for all these moments these bittersweet moments that take my breath away..

Hope your having a lovely week and enjoying these last few days of summer
I AM:)

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