Monday, August 27, 2012

HIS Birthday:)

Today is the day of this sweet mans birth!

I sure didn't know a man born in iowa many moons ago would be my other half someday. That we would meet somewhere in the middle and fall madly in love with both feet jumping in ready to take on the world together.
This past weekend we celebrated with friends and it was wonderful and humbling to know how blessed we are by their unconditional LOVE:))
So blessed to have you in my life JAMES. You continue to grow and change for the better and as every birthday goes by..i think you may be getting even hotter:) Just saying!
 Oh but all joking aside you really are the best sweetie 
the kids and I love you something fierce, your love and support for us as a family unit is priceless! 
Happy Birthday to the MAN I LOVE!
Hope you've all had a lovely Monday;)

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