Friday, August 31, 2012

ITS HER 1st Birthday!!!! VIOLET JOY:)


YOU SAY WOOOW AND WOW A LOT..We can't help but laugh every time!
You started walking around 10 1/2 months but really started booking it around 11 months.
You call Jasmine- JA JA 
and your brothers are both elijah to you:) You use to call me MUM and now its mama and dad.
YOU love tomatoes now! You in general really like food:))

Oh and sweetie you love to go outside! You crave it even, you stand by the window and stare out at the birds screaming all kinds of sounds/words we don't understand but boy its cute!!

You have bonded so much with your Elijah..i think its the hair:) and that he treats you like a little person like only Elijah our old soul can.
You say "who's that?" and "What's that?" so much it makes you feel so big we think. Again its adorable how you try to catch up to your siblings down the hall and sneak into their bedrooms to take a toy or lego out.

Loving and silly you are our sweet Violet Joy. And as surely we had named you it prophetically brought in a abundance of JOY into all our lives.
Ok so this week you fell in love with Elmo and Big bird on sesame street. It was love at first site! No joke!! it was by far one of the highlights of your mamas week:)

Makes us want to have 4 more just like you baby!!

Happy Birthday to our Violet Joy:)
Happy Weekend friends!!!


  1. Oh how sweet :) She is one loved little one! Happy birthday, Violet!! She is so so sweet and cute. And you're such a wonderful momma!

  2. Happy Birthday Baby! I would take 4 more just like mine too! :)

    I didn't know this was your blog Shopgirl82! I looked at it the other day from a link on Erin's blog. I loved it! Now I love it even more that I know it is yours! I am happy to be your newest follower! ;)'

    Do you want to swap buttons? I would love to put yours on my page and would love for you to share mine. Only if you want to though, K. ;)

    Blessings Momma!