Sunday, August 12, 2012

LIFE Lately..

Lately i feel as though our house is recovering from lots of events,
great events in fact but none the less we are tired & more often then not
we are resting from colds and long hours at work and planning for a new school year that has me sad and excited for my kids..
Shopping is pretty much finished and uniforms are being organized for the big day back to school. I'm a little emotional about my older ones going back to school
We work together and talk all day long
reading in the afternoons with the kids, my workout in the morning being accompanied by Elijah or Jasmine (i will miss them so much!)
i mean yeah i like any mama do desire some quite time and a break from the mayhem 
but there's so much silence and emptiness when they are all gone..
Oh my and poor Violet is going to be yelling Elijah a lot for days and kissing their pictures

Its going to be an adjustment to say the least and there will be tears probably from only ME!
And i will try my best to not cry to much in front of them and take pictures quickly so they can run inside and start their new year as a 2nd grader and two 5th graders 
This is all a BIG DEAL folks!
Pray for this mamas heart:))
A series of thankful moments in my LIFE

Seeing my lovely sister in law

Party in the park was enjoyed by the family. Jaz loving on her first cousin always brings my heart joy

Date Nights are priceless for our marriage. We are so blessed to have these nights together 
Many blessings to you from this girls journey

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