Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday: Be the better person:))

If you know better DO better, BE the better person 
BE the answer You wish to see around you!

All these lovely mantras have been blowing through my mind today
Along with some thought provoking ideas and discussions I'd bounced of my husband, kids and close friends..but first i had to pray and as in pray i mean
PRAY hard over how i felt the other day.

I know we all at some time or another believe a certain thing about life may it be our way of life, careers we choose, relationships, religion, the way we parent our kids you name it.
And some times you may be challenged in your belief about these certain things.....
from my experience I've learned over the years to take it all in. Yeah maybe at first I'm like WHAT THE >>?? But then it settles somewhere deep in the "oh yeah you've been through this before stage and yes you can handle it sweetie." 
Give it to GOD. Ask him to show you what he thinks of you, your life, 
your relationships, marriage,parenting this whole thing called living your life. GIVE IT TO ME he says.
 In these kind of moments now, i feel so differently then i use too. I walked into my adult life pretty ambitious and wanting it all at a very young age(18) in fact!! Married and
6 months later pregnant with TWINS!
 But my attitude and well meaning heart wanted approval from every face that I encountered this fragile girl/woman in the making. I HURT me something fierce for apologies when people hurt me. ANd I know that my response to others through it  probably HURT them as well!! It never glorified GOD it only HURT us all.

The vulnerable girl that i was and boy has that road to now been (LONG!) and (HARD) but some of the best of times and the worst of times" as they say. But i wouldn't change any of those years and hard lessons for anything in the world now. Those rejections, attacks, misunderstanding all of it changed me changed me for the better! THANK GOD.

When someone attacks my beliefs even though at first it may sting, I've realized that person has a different shade of sunglasses on. They are entitled to their opinions and I'm entitled to mine. Sometimes its not personal its just what they believe and even if it is a personal attack
on what!! They are responsible for that and that lays on them not me.

 We all have to stand firm on what we believe, respect each other in our differences & give others the right figure these things out for themselves.
In other words when we share our belief or opinion i think we all can agree we receive it best when its said in LOVE and without agenda..

My desire not just for myself but especially for my kids is that they (WE) learn how to deal with this kind of conflict and not only deal with it well but ROCK IT OUT!
I want them to not let others opinions define them. I went them to learn to be the bigger person. I want them to know how to really show LOVE and compassion to all people not just the ones who agree with them on every view point. I want many things for my kids but don't we all?:)
I know that the biggest influence and teachers to my kids will be me and my husband and for that reason alone i have to tread carefully..I have little eyes watching me and asking all kinds of questions. They are even smarter and more confident in the Lord then i ever was at their age and for that i am so thankful.

My message to you today is don't let how others treat you DEFINE you, but not only that
seriously don't let it DEFINE who you will become! or how you KNOW you should deal with the situation. You are responsible for how YOU respond and like JESUS said this may be that time to turn the other cheek... let them judge. But if you know better BE the better person.
Rise above it all. LOVE, LOVE, FORGIVE and HONOR each other.
So give it to GOD and let it go:)

** On a whole other and lighter note tomorrow its all about our VIOLET! She's going to be 1 my friends and its been such a great year i can't wait to write her birthday post many *TEARS* to come!!!

God Bless you! Happy Thursday to you, xoxo-aligna


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