Monday, August 20, 2012

walking for some happy..

Today had been the first day of school for my kids and boy were they ready! I only had to turn the lights on and they shot right up and into those cute uniforms. Backpacks were worn at the breakfast table and asking me for the current time was asked every 2 minutes(no joke!)
I know this excitement will run its course and by week 2 or 3 at latest i'll be dragging their little buns out of bed

I'm a proud mama of these kids for sure

Along with this new day came ton of emotions you know the usual ones of 
a mama dealing with a new season of changes.
It was not an easy day. I felt tremendous discouragement and me being sick along with my 
11month old was not helping either. So by 8 tonight i was staring at my front door.
YES prayers were said baby was in bed and mama was heading out for some much needed time 

You know whats crazy even saying i want time alone brings on unnessasary guilt
I hate that!!!! I needed that time to clear my head, pray about whats really going on inside 
and just talk to God about it all. 
Have you ever done that? Talked out loud to the lord..yeah i know my Menenite neighbors probably find me a little crazy but i just don't care. 
My driveway provides the perfect haven for my loud sometimes weepy conversations
and on the way back i might have walked a little slower but my heart was less heavy 
and i was ready to face my family with more joy!

Hope you all had lovely weekend and are enjoying the sweet coolness that fall is bringing:)

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