Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A late/"Beauty Files" Treat😊

Today it's all about the "HAIR"!!
On account that a few weeks ago I had my hair "Ombre" 
I'm not so sure if I spelled that correctly?... Anywho i love
it but it's been dry and giving
me fits when I want it curly so of course I went back
to one of my favorite hair mask that I use in times like
these😁And besides with this weather changing and
all this dry air our hair starts to feel different. Hair products
all of a sudden stop working its magic😒... So this Hair Mask may
be just the thing your pretty little head needs!

Dry hair be gone Mask!
Mix1 egg 1tsp honey, 2tsp of olive oil.
Apply to wet hair. Cover with shower cap.
Leave on for at least 30min before shampooing out.

Oh and here's another just because I love them both!

Hair repair
Mash a ripe banana and mix with a few drops of
Almond oil. Massage entire
Leave on 15 minutes then rinse

Enjoy! Xoxo-aligna

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