Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello world I'm Awesome!

The other night i had a conversation with the hubby about a little pig..Yep you heard me. 
We have a little pig doll that belongs to our girls 
that says the cutest things when you press his little nose. 
And the one special phrase that got this conversation going went like this 
"hi, my name is spike and I'm an All star!" 
Its so darling and cute really. Which got us thinking. We teach kids(ours) from the time there little to love themselves to embrace how unique and wonderful they are. We tell them they are the best that they can excel at what ever they put their mind too.

Then along the way i know we grow up and the world around them can start to chip away at their confidence and armor of greatness. I wonder as parents if we miss these signs of insecurities that a seed starts within them and they begin to wonder if they really are great at all. Something i daily have to pray over my kids (guard their heart Lord) 
Even as adults all kinds of messages come at us that can chip away at our worth 
IF WE LET IT! But not to go all Tony Robbins, Zig Ziegler and Jim Rohn on yah..
but wait yes i mean too!!!
Its in there!! 
You are the only YOU! You are lovely and wonderfully uniquely made. The imprint you make in the world around you is yours only to make. 
Wake up this week and go brush your teeth, wash your face and then look in the mirror and repeat after me "Hi I'm ______ and I'm an ALL STAR! I'm a wonderful creation of God and today is a new day a fresh start to love my life and live it GREATLY".

I dare you to embrace your greatness!
Hey I'm daring myself even to thank god for all his blessings everyday and repeating affirmations of truths is a great way to start my day.

Do you find it hard to love yourself just as you are? Can you see your greatness?

Happy Wednesday and many blessings to you!

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