Monday, September 10, 2012

Name change..

What will shopgirl1982 NY152 say i wonder?…
hehehe YES i totally stole this line from "You got Mail'
and If you so asked, i would tell you a a little secret i've been keeping..................................

…my blogs name is about to change. Or has if you can tell!!
 The look, the whole thing is having a serious facelift and its been fun planning for this new direction..  

I've been wanting to change it for sometime and wanting it to go a different direction for a different purpose. Also i wanted it to all come together with my other cyber names,shop and ideas.. but hey i will explain more later so keep on coming back for more hints:)
and pleazzeee be patient i know i'll have to be because this blog will look different from day to day till i get it RIGHT:)

If you asked me i would say that hurray!!! i finally finished 4weeks of backed up unfolded laundry..please don't judge. Its been hiding in my bedroom and i had finally had enough over the weekend and went gorilla CRAZY on it. Yep so moving on..

To our weekend snapshots!! YEAH it was one busy weekend but it was FUN!
Kids sang at our schools Gospel Sing. Aren't they cute with their uniforms! One of my favorite things about them going to a private school.

We ended our long weekend with a bonfire on a beautiful star filled sky kind of night. The kind i dream about enjoying, yeah thats what we had.

 And the hubby of course goes all out to make it beautiful and fun for our family and friends. He's great like that!

How was your weekend?
 Are you enjoying this cool down into the fall? Or are you already missing the HOT summer?!
I'm a little of both just can't help it:}
Happy Monday and many blessings to YOU!!

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