Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stepping in to FALL

FALL has come and as its no surprise to most that
well this means a NEW season is upon us
Colors have changed I smell campfires and harvest I also
want to pull out my apple cinnamon and pumkin spice candles
 I want to visit orchards stock up on apples for future
pies we love to bake. I'm planning pumpking crafts and
Fall color designs for my Etsy shop. Planning out a small group
and praying for direction. 

My absence from the blog has had a lot to do with enjoying fall and loving
on my familia that came a long way to be with us. Its these things that matter most to 

In many ways Fall feels like more of a beginning for my year then when the big New Year arrives.
It's all this beauty surrounding me the yellows, reds, leaves falling
that make it so final. The end of HOT lazy summer days now will turn
into cooler days were hot cocoa and tea will be much
wanted by me and the family. Nights will include a fire in the fireplace
on as many nights as I can beg the hubby to do;)

Along with that I'm brining out my FALL wear out
like a long lost friend that I've missed so much!!
Hello Lover! I say to just about every oh so cute boot
I see these days. The warm soft sweater dresses
I haven't seen in months are embraced with loving arms and
oh let's not forget about leggings!!! Yep I pretty much
love the idea of wearing them and hey no more
Shorts. Swimsuits.BE GONE..oh and the having to shave everyday day! Hahhahaha!!
 yeah this is me stepping into FALL 

P.S This week i have a special post coming from Style pilot!
 Sounds cool yes i know and it is!
 Stay tuned for it next week because I'm pretty excited about it!!!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend and many blessings to you!! xoxo-aligna

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