Monday, September 24, 2012

The boys. My beginning.

How to begin to express my heart on how
 my boys have turned the big 11!!

They were in fact the very beginning of many things for me. Motherhood for starters. 
Learning to be more selfless. Sleep went out the door so did spontaneous trips to the store:)
At 19 years old I became a Mom to the most beautiful twin boys and you both have forever 
changed me. 

Elijah our "Old soul" conversations about life and things that you find interesting fills my heart with joy! You have changed so much in the last year its so sweet to see how you and violet have bonded. Its
like she captured your heart and brought you down to her level to be a little kid again.
Never a dull conversation with you for sure!! I can always count on you to be looking for me 
"just so we can talk" and i really do love it! 

Jonah our "TeddyBear" love and sweetness radiates of you like no other kid i know! 
You are so insightful to others feelings. A wise and sweet young many you are.
 Always helping and loving on your family:)

My prayer and hope is that I will always be a good steward of the blessing that 
our Elijah & Jonah are to us.

Happy Birthday my little MEN! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.


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