Thursday, September 13, 2012


Today called for dancing in my pj's for exercise the weather looked to cold and daunting for anything else. Lack of sleep (baby teething and little girl nightmares) has this momma walking around dead tired
and wishing she'd take up coffee!

So Today taking it slow has a whole new meaning because even if i had ambitions earlier of a list being conquered i have relinquished any rights to it..My hands eld high praying "lord help me through this season of being a momma, where my every moment and decisions really surrounds how will this work with the schedules and so on. Don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS season so much more then i ever did earlier on in my motherhood pioneer days when i had twin baby boys. I'm a little bit more seasoned in knowing "this to shall pass" and the sleepless night will come to an end. And now.. now i have twin boys who will be eleven in a few weeks and that just blows my mind. So TODAY i choose joy because i really believe its a choice. I believe we don't have to pretend the sun is always shinning and every day is one happy parade. No but we can choose Joy through this season whatever season we are in and know that really this day we have is precious. Our life is a gift and today I be rocking out to some Norah jones, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars and whole other awesomeness on Pandora because thats what I do when i need to feel alive. I dance i make look crazy doing it but i laugh and have a whole lot of fun shaking it:) 

Pintrest is full of some funnies&encouragement about have a laugh on me! And dance:)

via Michelle

Are you in a tough season in your life? What to you do to bring joy back into your day?

Happy Thursday & many blessings to you!

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