Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Beauty Files on SALES!

Today I thought it be fun to share about
What's in season for SALE! 
Because if your anything like me you love
when you find a great deal on a budget😊 
So it's Semptember and most of us have kiddos that 
need a Winter coat or maybe you do too!
Well your in luck because the month of 
September is the month to buy your
Raincoats, fall suits, and winter coats. Buy 
on a weekend you find even better deals for 
New coats..but if you can hold off on a new cute 
coat for yourself or kids wait till
November "black Friday sale is the best time for finding
the  greatest deals I've learned😊

P.s If your looking for some great sales
Check out IG "Instagram" for it's many Closet sales
Under the hash tag #shopmycloset or #igyardsales
I just happened to join the network
of cool closets full of great deals. You can find my closet
under @shopgirlzcloset. I'd be happy to find you a great deal!!

Happy Tuesday and many blessings to you!

Xoxo-aligna aka/shopgirl

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