Thursday, October 11, 2012

A FALL trend post:)

Really its all about loving who you are! Yep you can rock anything you wear with style and class
with self acceptance and love for yourself! So wear that funky cool looking eccentric hat those leggings that scream fun and smile my friends because that's the most beautiful thing you'll ever wear:)

These colors scream fall and simple beauty to me. LOVE

The Peplum! Ahh i like them for all kinds of reasons one being (hides the tummy!!:)
but did you know you can also buy a simple belt 
Peplum now that you can add to any slim dress or fitting blouse you like! Its on my Christmas wish list:)

Sweater dresses from Forever21 look great and i love me some sweater dresses with leggings any day!

Whats your favorite thing about this fall? Are you excited to wear warmer fall/winter clothes?;)

Many blessings to you and have a wonderful Friday!

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