Friday, October 26, 2012

A meaningful day spent..well:)

A few days ago i was having a low(bad) kind of day. The kind were i questioned much of about this season of my life. I had all these doubts assaulting me and i knew that deep down for me it starts with a lie. Somehow either i heard it said myself even the LIE crept in and goes unnoticed and then i start to make a agreement with it and so it goes.. I had to pray and read the truths i know that are written in my heart and begin anew. Then she woke up...

Her nap only lasted a hour that day but it gave me enough time to myself to regroup and when she woke up i was reminded of Gods promise and his awesome wonder

Even though i had planned on being totally done having kids! God knew better:)

Thank God he did! Because years later our hearts and season of life made way to this bundle of JOY that we started praying for.

He knew we had a missing part to our family even before we would except or want her.

Which reminded me that God knows what our family needs even before we do and that i need only trust him and his favor.  "I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Then you will call to me. You will come and pray  to me and I will answer you. Seek me and you'll find me when you seek me with all your heart.
  yep that's what i needed to hear and i heard ya loud and clear!:)
Seeking my heavenly father for his wisdom keep my eyes on you.

Are you in a season of waiting?
Feeling the wait of hope deferred?
Don't loose heart!!! Hold on to the promises God
has made to you in the light of day:) We all have our season of waiting don't loose
your JOY in the waiting!

Many blessings to you& hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  1. Ahhh I am in the waiting! I always feel like I am waiting and some where along the way I lost sight if how to have joy during that time, and I am regaining it and my confidence in Christ! Praise God!! Thanks for being such a great encourager! I love you friend :)

  2. Love it! Thanks for your honesty. :)