Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A not so wordy Wednesday:)

*Funny thing about this picture. 1. Corn is gone! it looks completely different around our house i feel
exposed now.. 2. My son made me laugh so explains me covering my smile, i have a nasty habit of covering my smile
when i laugh ;0)

I have nothing worthy of  a long post to share for this usual wordy Wednesday except to say i have taken a word and made it mine. Have you ever done that??
 well i never use too until i learned the meaning of claiming victories and meditating on the what you would like to give up and change for the better. In my life my faith my God is who i rely on to change me. I walk through this world on a steadier foundation of who i am and who i was created to be because i have faith. So the word is
I have been pushing myself to be "intentional" with my time, money, words, you name
it! It all has to have a purpose and intention behind it otherwise its just blowing in the wind not meaning 
or amounting to a thing. 
That's it! Its all i have to share with you on this oh so warm and rainy afternoon:)

Are you being "Intentional" with your life? What does it mean to you?

Happy Wednesday& many blessings to you!

P.S...Tomorrow's post will be a Beauty Files update!!:)..and its a good one too!


  1. Intentional is a great word to focus on! I think it's something I need to work on - especially in the money area! :)

  2. Christy, It is so interesting because that has been my word this year. What a CRAZY word to both think of. I told Ike - to be intentional and have a purpose for everything I do. Loved this post because I relate so much. :)