Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beauty in the mist..

I find beauty in the mist of most things now but that's not to say i don't feel sad or that
bad things don't happened around me..they do. I have learned from many wise people that have
blessed me with their wisdom that "this too shall pass" I love that I really LOVE that saying. Because
for me it puts it all into perspective, my eyes are opened to the things i have ignored or couldn't see before because of it. And because of that i can breath in and out,  i hug my kids a little tighter and more. I really look at my husband and i pay more attention to what really matters in this life. I don't think going thru hard things in my life is a bad thing anymore..for that is when i grow the most and for that God i am thankful:)

On another note i missed yesterdays Beauty Files post! I had a sick boy at home who was in need of his mommy spoiling him and catering to his every need:) Believe me boys know how to milk sickness for all its worth! But i loved him needing me and so of course the juggling act of blogging for fun,chores etc kind of gets put in the back burner. But no worries i didn't forget and i have something cool for you to try out!

Two things in fact: Go to your health food store if you can or online and buy some 
Sweet Almond oil this stuff is known to help remove makeup, moisturize extremely dry skin,
and my favorite helps you lashes grow!

2nd thing is i was talking to my best friend the other day about lipstick and making them last for the long haul and such I realized hey this should be in the blog sometime so here is the tip. 
**When its running low don't throw it away scoop it out with a Q-tip and you know those cute small pill containers you see sometimes(drugstore) or even your now empty eye cream container place the lip cream in there and make that baby last! 

Are you finding you grow more through the storm then in the calm of the sea? 
What are you learning through the trial?:) 

Many blessings to you on your Wednesday!!

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