Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Intentional JOY:)

I think real JOY is being happy and content with the now...easier to say and much harder 
to embrace. When we all have the temptation to jump ahead to next best thing we either want or think we need to feel HAPPY. 
Violets first year of pumpkin carving a real joy:) 

I have seen that the happiest people i know have been through the "fire" they have been through tremendous trials or learned something that stretched their reality of reaching true JOY. And its not about what they have or what they don't have yet..Its about the NOW. They have such thankful hearts.

They reach beyond the unseen and really rely on God and whats to come is written on their hearts and  their faith to show them where true JOY lies and how to tap into that. 

Right now i take note of my surroundings my children, my husband, family, dear friends & the country i live in and I'm reminded of how rich and blessed i truly am. My hope is that i never loose site of it and when i start to waver from the truth of it my prayer is that he sets my straight again.
I'm going to follow this heaven sent bundle of JOY and run and feel the leaves beneath my feet
Autumn has done it again and never disappoints in bringing all kinds of JOY!

Are you enjoying your Fall season? Grab some JOY in your favorite craft store make something pretty..heck 
just buy one if you don't have the time!! 

Many blessings to you! xoxo-aligna


  1. I LOVE autumn. Even have a blogpost dedicated to it :-)

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  2. i will definitely vote!!! Thanks so much for asking me and yeah Autumn is pretty awesome i'm holding on to every last bit i can:)

  3. This is so great girl!! I love this because it inspires me to do things intentionally! I seriously love you!!!