Thursday, October 25, 2012

Retin~A *A secret weapon indeed!!

Awhile ago after my second pregnancy I noticed my skin had really changed.. Like
really hadn't I gone through enough changes already!! Truthfully a small
price to pay for a beautiful healthy baby:) Anyhow my skin changed big time!
All of a sudden my skin was breaking out all over randomly
and I felt like I was a teenager going through puberty
again. And all the while I was doing my research on what could possibly
be happening to my skin. 1st off I knew my hormones
plays a huge part of skin changes, weather changes does too along with stress could
be part of my skin changing so much. And I was trying everything I could
to get some relief for skin because these type of adult acne HURTS badly!! And
unfortunately it also scars your face if you pick it or not:(

So being the "skin care guru" that I am:) I went in search
for a possible solution. That's when I came across the studies
done on Retin-A in products. The best one on the shelf
in the stores (not over the counter ones) is one
called Roc - retinal correction Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
My Favorite!!!!! After I started uses this the very first
Morning after my skin glowed and was softer and the best of all
the pimples looked like they had shrunk! Hallelujah I had
finally found something that works:) Now that was over two years ago
and I use nothing else at night. If you use any Retin-A product you MUST wear
sunscreen yes even in the winter to protect your skin even
more from the sun. Retin-A is proven to reduce wrinkles help with Acne
under eye dark circles and acne scars too.
So there you have it friends! By far the best skin secret weapon other
then sunscreen that is;)
 Hope you are having a lovely Thursday!!

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  1. I think I need this Rentin-A! My skin is horrible! :-/