Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesdays Beauty Files: Shopgirls Secret:)..

*Shopgirl has some beauty secrets to share but lets be serious
 i LOVE to share all my beauty secrets&tricks!
And with winter coming i know its hard to feel anything but pasty white all of a sudden*YIKES! yes even i a latina get a few shades lighter with the lack of sun that our lovely Midwest brings us. So here's what i've been using: 
Jergens: Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer 
Mine is in 'Medium to Tan' tones and it really only takes a few minutes to dry and just like that i have a sweet soft tan look. 
Seriously loved how easy it was to use and guilt free because i can still protect my skin from the sun with sunscreen while having a little color to my skin. You can find this cream at any local drugstore. 

I hope you've all been enjoying these gorgeous Fall we are having! Of late i've been a busy BEE putting up new pictures and items in my Etsy Shop over @ Jasmine & Violets  Its been fun to work with such pretty little models 

 my dear friend who she herself has a awesome shop called Haddygrace Designs  she took the pictures for me. So thankful for all the talent and encouragement that surrounds me! Seriously opens my eyes how every woman has something within her to bring to the table. Not just talent! Don't give into doubt and into comparisons they'll rob you of your joy..(a future blog post!)
But many times its those kind words, the hugs, the support means just as much if not more then something you can make for someone. Having a thankful heart moment:) Hope your all having a great Tuesday!  

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