Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesdays Beauty Files: Shrink em!

Did you know you can shrink those pores!! LEMONS can do it!!

Yes you can and over time they can look so much better too. Wash your face and if you so desire do a facial scrub like the one i live by > :a little baking soda mixed into my cleanser gives you a soft fresh face. Don't scrub to hard though friends remember baking soda is very abrasive and removes the toughest gunk and this is your face your scrubbing so be GENTLE!! It just requires a little pressure in circular motions all around your face to get the best facial benefits.
Then get your lemon out and squeeze some into a cotton ball i find is best. Dab it all over the T-zone area and let dry then apply your moisturizer or sunscreen(a MUST!!)

I usually do this at night where i have more time for this! ENJOY your new shrinking pores trick:)

P.S. Soon i'm going to share with you my quick mama tricks for getting ready in 15min and looking like i spent 30! Ha!! I always hear ladies say they have absolutely no time to crunch in time to get themselves ready well I'm going to show you a few tricks how you can!!

Happy Tuesday & many blessings to you friends!!

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