Thursday, November 29, 2012

Simple things

Simple things can bring so much JOY.

The everyday simple things
simple things like my boys laughing and playing with their little Violet.
How they care for their sisters and help me so much
How Jasmine dances and twirls like an angel and has blossomed so much this year already
How Violet calls for me "Ma Ma MOM!! That brings me so much joy really i LOVE it!
Joy comes in the form of sweet words of encouragement from my hubby & how he always calls me
to ask if i want any of my favorite treats from the store. And if i have forgotten something i wanted he remembers.. now that's pretty special:)

I really can't help but search for those simple things to find joy in
and dwell on the good things in my life
We can be more intentional about reaching for those simple joys taking them in & being grateful, present, joyful, its possible and I'm seeing that more and more as I've gotten older.

And I'm finding that taking note of this and praying over all i have to be thankful for expands my heart makes it easier to exercise finding Joy in the simple everyday things.
When i was a younger and new mama i felt lost in the everyday things it felt so routine and i was so unsure and insecure being a young mom & wife that finding joy in the everyday things was hard.
I was really in survival mode most days. I wish i could go back 11 years ago and hold my baby boys longer really & stop worrying over it all and just enjoy them. But i can't and that's OK too. Because that's life we live & learn and hopefully we become a better version of our self as time goes by.
Thanks be to God for bringing me through that time in my life, teaching me and molding me through it all. Thankful for the simple joys he's given me. For that's exactly what i plan on doing for the rest of my life. Finding joy everyday in the simple and even the not so simple things around me.

Embracing the camera today with an oldie but a great one:)
These are my not so simple joys.. no my friends they are GREAT JOYS!!!

Many blessings to you and yours!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday's Beauty Files*Necklace Happy*

How does your Tuesday find you? Decorating? Resting? Working? Shopping perhaps:) or
like me maybe a little of all the above and a dash of intense NESTING! Its this weather that drives me indoors i tell yah but thats another post altogether

This Tuesday Beauty file introduces a little beautiful piece of jewelry that has been all the buzz
everywhere but can't you see why! (a great christmas gift idea)

FYI i would love to do more outfit post but baby its COLD outside for real now! And so woe is me but i will show you accent pieces no doubt and semi quality photos um maybe Instagram edited to make them look!

Women's Bubble bib Necklace
Hair not done yet so sorry!!LOL!

yes much better after some lipstick HA!
Anyhow Isn't it pretty though!!
Yes I won this baby in a bidding war on Ebay! and even if you don't want to battle it out with another person over it they are available on buy it now options and usually from China so be prepared to wait like 3 weeks for it but its cheap! Around $9-$10 bucks and sometimes Free shipping.

I am sure that any lovely lady will love it as a gift I'm already buying some more for christmas gifts! So go get yours:)

And P.S. Go check out Erin's Amazing Giveaway on her blog Sweetness Itself is going on with over 25 prizes your sure to win so many great prizes and heck I'm even included in that giveaway which stinks for me cause i would love to enter and win that baby!!! Good luck:)

God bless you and yours!!

Psalm 139:14 

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

Just a quick HELLO from me!

This year we did thanksgiving at my in-laws.

As usual the food was amazing! The company was great all of us under one roof  laughing, playing, making memories. Relaxing & exhausted all at the same time but isn't that the way it is. Just plain fun!
And the older i get the more i love every minute of our time together. The more i treasure our time TIME with the ones we love. So thankful for it all.

I don't think anything is as life changing as learning to walk with a thankful spirit (a thankful heart)I'm a learning this by the way..practice makes perfect:)

I give thanks to a God who created us all and to the many people he has blessed me with.
My husband, kids, family & friends.

The place where we have made a home for ourselves a shelter a haven.

Really there is no place like home:)

Oh and P.S. Erin over at Sweetness Itself had a birthday on Thanksgiving how cool is that!!! And she's having a sweet birthday giveaway that i'm apart of so go check it out say HELLO and enter for lots of goodies:)

Happy Thanksgiving and i pray you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Santa's Elf..:)

Ambition+Pintrest is to blame. So hence came the list of projects!
So here i sit with the list. The list of things I'm making for Christmas and i have maybe on half done..;0/
There is a funny and disastrous thing that happens when you decide to make most of the Christmas gifts for family&friends.. you become AN ELF! aaaahhhh!!!
Don't you just love this movie!! 

I fell like i can now officially be hired by Santa himself:) No joke!
I find so much peace and joy through creating something from my heart, my hands its a proud and satisfying feeling when its all done and you can give it away to someone you love.

But as many of you creative peeps out there know sometimes you hit a creative FUNK a wall, either you have a lot on your plate already that doesn't give you the time you'd like to create or like me when i sit sometimes to start a headpiece or project i feel..stumped not motivated at all. Mama just wants to curl up with a book and drink hot tea on her down time and many times the ugly guilty feeling that I'm not doing something productive forces me to clean a little more or push myself to create.
And truthfully when i do that to myself I never make what i really can be proud of anyways and my house usual ends up looking like my heart really wasn't in it.

Today was different all the creative juices were flowing and i started loving the creative process all over again. It might have had something to do with what i read today that had a impact on my heart.
Where is my worth lying? Is it in who my heavenly father says i am? Do I think that unless I'm doing something & creating something that somehow I'm not enough? He says yes I am enough and that he's enough for me:) So waiting it out through a dry creative spell is really OK and usually i appreciate the guilt free down time so much more when I've prayed the guilt away;)

My prayer to you is that you know that you are more then enough! God loves you and his message for you is that his love for you is what should fill you up and define you. Not your career, being a mom, a wife whatever the title you strive for it will never complete you. I promise you you'll find real peace and joy through a relationship with God:)

 Many blessings to you&yours! xoxo-aligna aka seasonal elf!;)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Friday..

*You will find tidbits of Pintrest wall words throughout post..working on Christmas gifts* for ideas look no further then Etsy or Pintrest:)

*My oh my this week has had some major emotional high and low moments for me!
And I'm not one of those women that  have extreme high and lows emotionally I'm sorta a even keel type of a person actually, i probably seem too laid back to some or that i don't care enough... but i do really i do.

Absolutely Love this TRUTH from Pintrest

*So this week was like this * hope+shock+despair+earnestprayer+fear+prayer+resolve+conviction+prayer+joy+humbled..yep

*Our little Violet is going on 15months **now were did the time go!! and seriously I don't remember the kids talking and acted the way she does at only a year old! She's hilarious!!

*I drink green tea a lot i think probably too much! & teeth might be affected by this so i may be going to buy white strips ASAP;o)

*I finished Downton Abbey and again hate that i watched it so fast *note to self "take your time!! Its sooo good:)

*Marriage conference is coming up and I'm beyond excited to have a whole weekend away with the hubby!! Looking forward to being ministered too & coming back with a fresh perspective on marriage and family life

*My boys are tweens now i can tell big time! We are adjusting and mamas praying and going to read "bringing up boys" all over AGAIN;)

*painting and winterizing the house is on the agenda for the weekend & i can't wait till that's checked off my list:)

*Fridays my favorite..well weekends in general are!

Happy weekend & God bless! xoxo-aligna

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Memories 2012

Its funny how at our house the days and weeks leading up to Halloween are all about preparation
Prepare Prepare and the feeling of wanting to wow everyone with your costume getup is always the goal. Now this always puts me on the spot as a mom because hey lets face it you want your kids to love what they have on and ahem with my older kids ITS A BIG DEAL!! They get really into having the most creative funny costume!
Can anyone guess who these guys are??:)

Napoleon, Uncle Rico & of course Kip

Violet was baby Cupid, Jasmine was the Princess from Brave and me well i was just MOM:))

Well thankfully they have their daddy and grams genes and even though i struggled to put these costumes together they were real troopers and helped me with ideas. Which meant we were going to watch Napoleon Dynamite a few times to be inspired! It was a blast!!

Memories were made at our church costume party. And maybe next year we will hit the streets and all get dressed up and trick or treat. All in all i was just happy i had them ready in time! &tickled to no end to see all the kids dressed up and having fun. And that my friends is what Halloween means to us as a family *a reason to dress up ridiculously and eat candy corn..lots of it!

Happy Friday loves hope your starting your November with a thankful spirit! IG (instagram) is full
of thankful words and inspiration. Inspired me to daily say one thing that I'm truly thankful  for (persons,events,things,words) in my life.
***You can join me @shopgirl82 if you so desire and hashtag #30daysofthanks
God bless hope you have a great weekend! xoxo-aligna