Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Beauty Files DAY!

Its all about the HAIR isn't it!!

 No matter what we wear or how much makeup us ladies wear if
we are having a bad hair day it throws us off..or like me you just wear a hat:)
I naturally have curly hair not the tight beautiful kind of curls like my mama or even the beach wave kind like my daughter jasmine. Nope I'm a somewhere in between curly hair gal which proves very difficult on what product will actually work for me;-/

I have used just about everything!!  But recently i found something that i love to use. It gives me the condition i need for my dryer hair and hold that gives me body and nice looking curls. Fallen in love with this product DOVE style+care whipped curl mouse*

Hope this helps any of you girls with curly hair on the prowl for the something new for your lovely locks!!
Happy Election day to you all today involves hot cocoa & popcorn as we all watch the election countdown as a familia. Many blessings to you and yours! xoxo-aligna

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