Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

Just a quick HELLO from me!

This year we did thanksgiving at my in-laws.

As usual the food was amazing! The company was great all of us under one roof  laughing, playing, making memories. Relaxing & exhausted all at the same time but isn't that the way it is. Just plain fun!
And the older i get the more i love every minute of our time together. The more i treasure our time TIME with the ones we love. So thankful for it all.

I don't think anything is as life changing as learning to walk with a thankful spirit (a thankful heart)I'm a learning this by the way..practice makes perfect:)

I give thanks to a God who created us all and to the many people he has blessed me with.
My husband, kids, family & friends.

The place where we have made a home for ourselves a shelter a haven.

Really there is no place like home:)

Oh and P.S. Erin over at Sweetness Itself had a birthday on Thanksgiving how cool is that!!! And she's having a sweet birthday giveaway that i'm apart of so go check it out say HELLO and enter for lots of goodies:)

Happy Thanksgiving and i pray you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

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