Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Memories 2012

Its funny how at our house the days and weeks leading up to Halloween are all about preparation
Prepare Prepare and the feeling of wanting to wow everyone with your costume getup is always the goal. Now this always puts me on the spot as a mom because hey lets face it you want your kids to love what they have on and ahem with my older kids ITS A BIG DEAL!! They get really into having the most creative funny costume!
Can anyone guess who these guys are??:)

Napoleon, Uncle Rico & of course Kip

Violet was baby Cupid, Jasmine was the Princess from Brave and me well i was just MOM:))

Well thankfully they have their daddy and grams genes and even though i struggled to put these costumes together they were real troopers and helped me with ideas. Which meant we were going to watch Napoleon Dynamite a few times to be inspired! It was a blast!!

Memories were made at our church costume party. And maybe next year we will hit the streets and all get dressed up and trick or treat. All in all i was just happy i had them ready in time! &tickled to no end to see all the kids dressed up and having fun. And that my friends is what Halloween means to us as a family *a reason to dress up ridiculously and eat candy corn..lots of it!

Happy Friday loves hope your starting your November with a thankful spirit! IG (instagram) is full
of thankful words and inspiration. Inspired me to daily say one thing that I'm truly thankful  for (persons,events,things,words) in my life.
***You can join me @shopgirl82 if you so desire and hashtag #30daysofthanks
God bless hope you have a great weekend! xoxo-aligna

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