Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Makeup in a minute..really:)

I m just going to figure this will be my only post this week for many reasons. Lots of stuff going on with my older kiddos and a special weekend plan that I'm sure i will share a little about when i get back:)

SOOOOOooooo Makeup on a usual day for me doesn't take longer then 10-15 min to apply REALLY!!
I really wanted to show a a video on how it goes but well i just couldn't get to it in time!;)

This is my Makeup Routine on most days:

1st concealer dab it on blemishes or dark under eye circles and blend ( before hand put on sunscreen and primer. (sometimes i skip primer though unless i really need makeup to last all day then yes

2nd Bare minerals foundation swirl tap a few times over my face done!

3rd Bronzer brushed lightly across like a T zone area and along temples (lightly:) 
4th Eyeshadow is not a must for me but when i have the time i use a shimmer beige or silver (bare minerals) it goes with most everything i wear and looks natural. Quick swipe over eyelids DONE!

5th Now sometimes if i just don't have the time for liner i skip this altogether but most days i squeeze this in:) 
..line the top of your eyes even just the top corners helps define and give you a quick and easy DAY LOOK** i like liquid it goes on easy and fast for me it makes your eyes look more awake and gives you a instant eye lift 

Last is MASCARRA swipe sideways as if your brushing towards the center of your temple (I know weird huh but seriously makes lashes look longer and without having to curl them you can skip that!

Now there you have it this takes me less then 15 on most days i usually apply my Burts bees lipstick on the go! ...My hair is another story altogether lord help my messy mop!

Hopefully next time it'll be a Makeup video editorial so you can see the fast process:)

Many blessings to you and yours!! xoxo-aligna

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  1. Hi nice blog you have =)) I'm in Singapore and i do almost the same makeup routine daily except I use The Bodyshop lip & cheek dome as blusher instead of bronzer (but i will consider that) and at times skip the eyeliner. But after reading your blog I shall try spare a little time to line the corner top eyes to brighten up . Cheers!