Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Friday..

*You will find tidbits of Pintrest wall words throughout post..working on Christmas gifts* for ideas look no further then Etsy or Pintrest:)

*My oh my this week has had some major emotional high and low moments for me!
And I'm not one of those women that  have extreme high and lows emotionally I'm sorta a even keel type of a person actually, i probably seem too laid back to some or that i don't care enough... but i do really i do.

Absolutely Love this TRUTH from Pintrest

*So this week was like this * hope+shock+despair+earnestprayer+fear+prayer+resolve+conviction+prayer+joy+humbled..yep

*Our little Violet is going on 15months **now were did the time go!! and seriously I don't remember the kids talking and acted the way she does at only a year old! She's hilarious!!

*I drink green tea a lot i think probably too much! & teeth might be affected by this so i may be going to buy white strips ASAP;o)

*I finished Downton Abbey and again hate that i watched it so fast *note to self "take your time!! Its sooo good:)

*Marriage conference is coming up and I'm beyond excited to have a whole weekend away with the hubby!! Looking forward to being ministered too & coming back with a fresh perspective on marriage and family life

*My boys are tweens now i can tell big time! We are adjusting and mamas praying and going to read "bringing up boys" all over AGAIN;)

*painting and winterizing the house is on the agenda for the weekend & i can't wait till that's checked off my list:)

*Fridays my favorite..well weekends in general are!

Happy weekend & God bless! xoxo-aligna

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