Monday, November 12, 2012

Santa's Elf..:)

Ambition+Pintrest is to blame. So hence came the list of projects!
So here i sit with the list. The list of things I'm making for Christmas and i have maybe on half done..;0/
There is a funny and disastrous thing that happens when you decide to make most of the Christmas gifts for family&friends.. you become AN ELF! aaaahhhh!!!
Don't you just love this movie!! 

I fell like i can now officially be hired by Santa himself:) No joke!
I find so much peace and joy through creating something from my heart, my hands its a proud and satisfying feeling when its all done and you can give it away to someone you love.

But as many of you creative peeps out there know sometimes you hit a creative FUNK a wall, either you have a lot on your plate already that doesn't give you the time you'd like to create or like me when i sit sometimes to start a headpiece or project i feel..stumped not motivated at all. Mama just wants to curl up with a book and drink hot tea on her down time and many times the ugly guilty feeling that I'm not doing something productive forces me to clean a little more or push myself to create.
And truthfully when i do that to myself I never make what i really can be proud of anyways and my house usual ends up looking like my heart really wasn't in it.

Today was different all the creative juices were flowing and i started loving the creative process all over again. It might have had something to do with what i read today that had a impact on my heart.
Where is my worth lying? Is it in who my heavenly father says i am? Do I think that unless I'm doing something & creating something that somehow I'm not enough? He says yes I am enough and that he's enough for me:) So waiting it out through a dry creative spell is really OK and usually i appreciate the guilt free down time so much more when I've prayed the guilt away;)

My prayer to you is that you know that you are more then enough! God loves you and his message for you is that his love for you is what should fill you up and define you. Not your career, being a mom, a wife whatever the title you strive for it will never complete you. I promise you you'll find real peace and joy through a relationship with God:)

 Many blessings to you&yours! xoxo-aligna aka seasonal elf!;)

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  1. I just found your blog... Super cute!! :) Elf is my FAVORITE holiday movie!! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving week!! Make sure to check out my blog as well. :)