Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year!!
Today is the first day of our year!!
My word for 2013 BRAVE

 I need to be BRAVE! 
BRAVE has ever slowly whispered its way to me. Through what I'm reading, in my devotionals, conversations I've had you name it! It's been there itching and fighting its way into my heart my mind. I need I must be BRAVE! This new season of my life requires much bravery.. Well I think every season does I just haven't exercised the muscle of what it takes to be brave. Brave in my marriage, in loving others, in my faith, in being a mother to four kids who watch my every move, in walking into a NEW thing. Sometimes I feel terrified of what my task is, what is required of me can paralyze me with fear if i let it. And the influence I have can overwhelm me. All of it takes me being brave&fearlessly trusting God with it all! This year is my year to be "Brave" to walk into every New thing God has for me and my family.  Be Brave! Be fearless!! Hey this is also your year to be a better version of yourself.  So much can happen this year & I choose to be BRAVE:)God bless you and yours! Happy New years Day 2013 is looking good my friends..Believe it xoxo-aligna

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  1. You inspire me!!! :) This is just what I needed to read today in encouragement to be fearless :)

    love you friend!! xoxo