Thursday, December 13, 2012

Busy bees..

Oh boy haven't we all been busy!!!!!
So lets just start our moment in time with some funnies:)

We all feel like this sometimes don't we!

this made me think of my son!lol someday he'll find it funny:)

SOooo Blogging what!?.. whats that? Honestly its been so far from my mind & by the end of the night this mama wants a cup of tea and some relaxing time which is instead of writing in my own special little space of the blog world) is spent reading my favorite bloggers lengthy, funny, creative post;) I admire their commitment to blog daily and still make me laugh and inspire me.

And yes i almost bought this to send it to a few blogger i love..but i had to put
the creeper gene aside and stop myself!!lol

The presents are almost all wrapped and under the tree and as much as i thought Violet would tear into them she really hasn't. She just wonders by picks it up holds it & sits by the tree. A very surprised mama here! I think she even knows she has to wait, but boy I can hardly wait to see the kids dig into the gifts this year.
Are you one of those people too that can't wait to give a gift?..i think I'm becoming one(i totally blame my hubby for this!;)

Recently we took our 2012 Family pictures i have yet to pick one..i like them all!

That's my family people!! God is so good i am so blessed to have them in my life
Can you see why its hard to decide!
But i have made a decision to definitely put some of these on canvas. I just don't have enough pictures
of us as a family up on our walls so yeah its about time!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
......and P.S. take some quite time for yourself watch 'A wonderful Life", read some Christmas books with the kids, drink lots of hot cocoa and if you can really escape for some RR take a HOT bubble bath or try my favorite *1 cup of Epsom salt , a few drops of lavender oil and 1 cup of red wine(in the tub not your mouth!;) and chill out to some Norah Jones:)



  1. I feel the same way girl! This month has been soo unbelievably busy, and I've had very few posts up this week... but I'm trying to enjoy time with family and clean up a little bit.

    1. So happy someone else feels like i do!! Its so funny to me that i start to feel like a failure when i haven't posted and updated my family on my blog! LOL :) Hope you are having a Merry Christmas and no worries we will all be back into the swing of things after the new year:)

  2. You are just amazing and I love you!! Those pictures are lovely - you are beautiful friend! :) And the cutest littles ever.

    That bath sounds amazing - I need to try that :) Love you!!

    1. Erin you are such a sunshine!! Thank you girl! and yes try that bath its amazing your skin will glow:)