Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I will remember..

I will remember what happened this weekend to those beautiful children and teachers for the rest of my life..
I will remember the look of horror on the face of the mamas and dads looking frantically for news of their children outside the school that afternoon
I will remember how the media gave to much attention to this horrific act
I will remember the blaming, the pointing of fingers to mental illness and the right to have firearms..
the struggle to make sense of it all

It is so important that we remember whats happening here right now in our country
I think PRAYER over the children being raised in America is so important. I can't think of any other way to help the parents that have lost their children and everyone affected in that small community  other then to PRAY in earnest for their healing

As a mama of 4 kids that i would die for! My jasmine is the age of most of those little kids that were killed.. words could not express he heavy heart i felt for the families and community there i was so heartbroken over it all
I can't even imagine the pain these families feel
i needed time to process all of this and i can honestly not write anything else in this little space of mine without sharing my heart

You want to know the good things i want to remember always

I will remember to hold my babies tight to treasure my family, my friends because we are not guaranteed tomorrow so how i love today matters
I will remember to pray daily for the children being raised in America
I will remember to not FEAR! That my kids&family are in Gods hands and that i can use wisdom to raise my children to love God, to honor their elders, to have respect for others and value life..these things i fear are left wanting in America and as sad as that is to me to realize i have HOPE
Their is hope my friends!

My hope is in Jesus my savior, my comforter, my redeemer, the champion of my life who rescued me..so yeah i will remember i have nothing to fear and its all worth fighting for

God bless you and yours!

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