Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Beauty files

Anyone looking for a great lip stain for a great price?...did i hear a YES!
Well look no further because I'm going to show you a couple a newbies at leas new to me that
i tried this weekend both lip stains are in the price range of $6-$8 Not to shabby

 First up is Maybelline "Super Stay 24 color #025. Pretty yes! I thought so and it went on so smooth with a gloss wand you apply it and then wait a few seconds to dry and on the other end there is a chap stick that adds moisture and shine. So lovely
Its early people so this is for you!
How does one take a close up pic of their lips rocking out lip stain?! Like this people! 
The other sassy red is by Covergirl Outlast All Day lip color "Ever Reddy" #507
 Its from their lip stain collection.
This pretty duo comes with two wands one with the glossy red and one white wand that's a shiny moisturizing chap stick thingy that you apply after the red stain goes on. Now this one i did have to apply the chap stick more so my lips wouldn't get too dry and to keep my red shiny and pretty.

Well there you have it friends my quest for the perfect red lip stain continues of course because what lady doesn't want to find the perfect red shade that magically last all day long!...hm well maybe you don't care at all, but i bet we'd have fun shopping anyways for your perfect shade together!:)

Have a lovely Tuesday friends God bless you & yours!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

LOVE your story

Do you love your story? I haven't always loved my story in fact I'm learning to love mine more.

This post is a lengthy one full of my heart and no pictures so sorry about the no pictures part but not sorry about the long post HA!

Last weekend me and handful of ladies had the privileged of going to a woman's conference called "Live your story" with Susie Larson as the main speaker, she's also a writer and wrote a great book called "uncommon woman" which is how i knew of her so i was pretty excited to hear her speak. She did not disappoint it was wonderful!! So insightful and genuine in her quest to help other women live their story. Right away i could see there was a recurrent theme that seems to be a huge hindrance for us women especially. Comparing envy jealousy all of it makes us less affective in our lives and our community. It especially prevents us from living our story full of JOY.Sad isn't it?

Comparing your story with other peoples is a nasty game that leads to a whole lot of other nasty habits which i find has always ended in robbing me of my JOY. The joy i have to live my life and treasure all the little things that makes me me & this is so much harder to do when I've started envying that other girls life.. her house..her awesome hair..the fact she lost all her baby weight um say 3 days after giving birth ahhhh!!insert laughter here> No seriously though its a long and ugly road to go on.

My mentor "Susie Larson" well lets just say she's mentoring me from afar through her books:) Books are magical that way. Anyway she says in her NEW book Your Beautiful Purpose, which i highly recommend if your in the business for growing spiritually and realizing your dreams and purpose matters then its a game changer and one book you don't want to miss reading!!
"Whenever I looked from the left to the right comparing other's haves with my have-nots, I became the poorest woman on the planet. But when I choose to look upon the One who gave me life and breath and every promise with a yes, I quickly became the richest woman on the planet." 

"For jealousy and selfishness are not God's kind of wisdom. Such earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind.
James 3:15-16

1st Amen to that! 2nd double gulp!!
About a year ago I had a bit of this ugly envy and comparing thing going on in my mind & heart. My JOY was stolen or you could say i gave it up. I was post having a baby and the blues and discontent of that season in my life was taking its toll on me spiritually and I'm going to add lack of sleep in there.

Dear Susie says it perfectly "its at these moments that we are at a crossroads to dig deeper into the heart of the issue or walk away and get distracted." I walked away I got distracted with purely petty things. I started comparing my story with others..look how God is using them..she has more success in the area that i dream about..Gods blessing her with a house and I've been waiting 13 years for a house of my own..  And honestly i was at most times comparing my story with people i didn't even know personally!! Talk about ridiculous, but see this is were i have to be really careful with social media IG aka Instagram I so enjoy this little app people but its a playground for all sorts of comparing ugliness if your not looking and checking with your heart. Because can we all admit that IG makes every ones life look fabulous not to mention the filters that make us look even better then we actually do at the moment;)

My heart morns those moments wasted on envy, jealousy and the comparing battles in my mind. Instead i could have prayed a blessing over them and claimed some of that goodness for myself

Susie said that God spoke these words across her heart..
"Do not go there! Back up. You are at a fork in the road and if you open yourself up to envy, you will go the wrong way! Jealousy is the enemy's bait to lead you to a dead end where you'll lose sight of everything I've taught you. Step back from here and embrace a greater perspective...

The reason something stirred within you when you saw this woman is because she possesses something of your inheritance. She has something i want to give you! Can you see it? Can you embrace the gift I've put in her? I'm about to lead you to a more spacious place. 

Do not be sympathetic to the smallest hint of jealousy or envy in your soul! Rise up from this place lift your chin and pray blessings and protection on your sister. You don't know what her call requires of her. If you are faithful with her gifts, her fruit will be your fruit; her victory, your victory; and a great blessing will flow. Rise up O woman of faith and be faithful! Choose to trust me! Be gracious, noble woman. And whenever those winds of jealousy and envy start to blow, step back and look up. You'll see something of a promise before you. Lay hold of the promise and refuse the enemy's bait. There's no life in the low road. Trust me."

Good stuff right?!!!!

Guess what all isn't lost if you've been through this or battling it right now. I've repented and moved on. I now know the tools to fight this battle in the mind even better then before, how to pray when those moments of envy or jealousy try to sneak up in me.

Don't let the enemy steal your JOY from living & loving your story!! Let God fulfill the promises he has for unique calling. I'll be praying and believing it for myself and you!

xoxo, Aligna