Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A little beauty a little FUN

Its been some time since I've done a 'Beauty Files' post and its due..don't you think? well i do!!
And we could all use a little makeup fun.wink wink

Here's whats been rocking in my makeup bag of late.
1.Revlon liquid colorstay liner 2. claires glitter eye cream(My daughters influence;) but it sure makes me feel happy!
3.Maybeline Age rewind concealer my fav concealer so far. 4. Outlast Lip stain "Awesome" enough said 5. Bare minerals Black mascara separates my lashes like no other. 6. Bare minerals foundation "the new stuff" verdict still out in it though. I like the coverage but my face feels sooo dry wearing it so most days i skip and go straight to bronzer for color.
 My one weakness for some time has been the liquid in i adore it! ItS SOOO IN now and it looks lovely on everyone i see. I try my best to give my eyes a break from it a few days a week but seriously miss it when i don't have it on."VAIN" I know right! I'm so unashamed of my love for it though:) #lordknows!!

Do you have a favorite thing that just makes you feel awake? Brightens up your face or makes you feel
just a tad bit more together once its on??

Another thing is happening today or tomorrow my Christmas decor is FINALLY coming down...sad as it usually is for me to do this I'm ready. This may be my last Christmas in this house which is bittersweet so here's my last picture documenting our small piece of Christmas cheer...farewell

And can we say hello to these cuties!! I love little miniatures anything and of course so do my girls.

Strongly recommend NOT buying the big loopsie doll! That beast is heavy and kind of creepy that size..just saying

Tomorrow I'm going to share my heart on this. Its something that I'm journeying through and learning so much from about myself..praying it'll bless others as i share my heart on the matter


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