Thursday, January 10, 2013

Life is more.

"Extraordinary women decide to hold onto their dreams and live their dreams regardless of their circumstances"

I started this bible study to ring in the new year with clarity on what it means to live your dreams.

What I've learned so far is this.

"Extraordinary women decide that money or lack of it will not determine their level of happiness. They decide that money is simply a means to an end and not an end itself. 
Extraordinary women decide not to dwell on what they do not have. They recognize what they do have and are grateful for it.
Extraordinary women decide not to be overwhelmed by the rough choices and the life-changing decisions that they will be called to make. They call on the power of the Holy spirit to help them make wise judgments...In short, extraordinary women DECIDE.

I'm going to assume your smarter then me but for me this was a aha moment! Yes i must decide.
Decisions are KEY to moving forward in our dreams. Some of these decisions might be hard to make but they are necessary. And the decisions i(we) make today or refuse to make will determine the quality of our lives. Do we need to get out of bad relationships(friendships) that bring us down? Start new habits get rid of some damaging ones? Change jobs? Does our marriage or time with our children need to be more intentional?

I want to be an Extraordinary Woman! Do you? Don't you?! Will you dare to be?!!
Living a extraordinary life means living each day with purpose and not just getting by..lord knows i need too.
I want my dreams to bring life and glorify god. I know thats where I'm being led to LIVE from and Deciding is essential.

At the end of the lessons there are a few questions i thought to share them on here and some of my
answers to them. You can come along and join this study with me if you like just by asking yourself these same questions and praying over them.

1. What did you dream of becoming when you were a little girl? Has that dream come true for you?
When i was little i dreamed of being a mom, ballerina and nurse in that order! Then in high school i thought being a counselor or something in that field was appealing to my heart. I loved hearing peoples stories, hurts, concerns and encouraging them.

2. What obstacles are holding you back from experiencing your dreams?
ME. i think my thoughts and of lack of faith in this area are the biggest hindrance for me. 

3. What decisions do you need to make in the coming days and weeks that you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you fulfill?
I need God to take captive every thought of mine. Help me to bravely face my fears and insecurities in every area of my mind. And to help me DECIDE:)

P.S I pray this helps you move forward into realizing your dreams and asking yourself some questions that will help you along the journey!
I believe God wants you and I to be extraordinary women.


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