Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Beauty files

Anyone looking for a great lip stain for a great price?...did i hear a YES!
Well look no further because I'm going to show you a couple a newbies at leas new to me that
i tried this weekend both lip stains are in the price range of $6-$8 Not to shabby

 First up is Maybelline "Super Stay 24 color #025. Pretty yes! I thought so and it went on so smooth with a gloss wand you apply it and then wait a few seconds to dry and on the other end there is a chap stick that adds moisture and shine. So lovely
Its early people so this is for you!
How does one take a close up pic of their lips rocking out lip stain?! Like this people! 
The other sassy red is by Covergirl Outlast All Day lip color "Ever Reddy" #507
 Its from their lip stain collection.
This pretty duo comes with two wands one with the glossy red and one white wand that's a shiny moisturizing chap stick thingy that you apply after the red stain goes on. Now this one i did have to apply the chap stick more so my lips wouldn't get too dry and to keep my red shiny and pretty.

Well there you have it friends my quest for the perfect red lip stain continues of course because what lady doesn't want to find the perfect red shade that magically last all day long!...hm well maybe you don't care at all, but i bet we'd have fun shopping anyways for your perfect shade together!:)

Have a lovely Tuesday friends God bless you & yours!!

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