Thursday, March 28, 2013

A dream come true

Spring break came and went so fast!!
For me it was the most relaxing and treasured break for the kids that I can remember having enjoyed this much. And now April is around the corner if you can believe it! I m truly counting down the days till summer starts.

Recently our family took a a little trip to Arizona for our cousins wedding. It was so wonderful on so many levels. It just so happened that the wedding was going to land on the weekend of my birthday so another (unintentional destination birthday this time) was going to happen for me. 
When we left home this is our beautiful view mind you but a heck of a lot colder then what I'm about to show you;)

This is what awaited us..
Arizona did not disappoint , it delivered its sunny skies and desert beauty and then some

 which leads to a dream coming true for me. I was going to see the Grand Canyon on my birthday.
Sedona Mountains

Flintstones Park anyone?

The road going towards Grand Canyon..up the Mountains..I was terrified 

This was the moment i realized i left the battery for my Canon at the house...yep i did that
 so i was had to rely on the good old iPhone to capture this day

Capturing Elijah capturing his Dino pic...he didn't want anyone in any of his pictures he took with his disposable camera. Hilarious!

It was so unreal, amazing, majestic and glorious.  

This tree so neat also it was a safe place to take a group picture:)

I cried tears of joy and fear. Joy that i was finally here and here with my family sharing this beautiful moment. Fear that my kids or one of my family members would fall of the cliff brought me to tears though.
I cried and then I did my best to not freak out again:)...I didn't in fact i got close to the edge again and took more pictures with my cool iPhone

It was an emotional day for me. I cried off and on throughout the day feeling fragile about how meaningful this birthday was to me. Last year i was no where near this emotional about my birthday and then all of sudden a week before my birthday i started to reflect so much on this day coming..I was going to turn 31. I remember my mom being that age. weird. I remember when certain friends turned that age and at that time it seemed to be so far off for me to be there embarking into my thirties myself.
A little bit of fear mixed in with excitement came when i went to God for clarity and determination to make this next decade of my life even more full with love, freedom, to give more and not just with my resources but with my time. I want to be stretched more to push past my comfort zone.
Not living in my comfort zone is my thing this year. Its my favorite

Many blessings to you and yours, Good Friday is tomorrow praying its a great one:)
xoxo, Aligna

Monday, March 11, 2013

A sweet visitor

We've been visited many times before by Jack Frost but i don't think i have ever captured him in all his splendor the way i did the other day. I was so pleased I felt as though i lost myself in some fairy winter palace. It was otherworldly it was majestic. I love how Elizabeth Browning says "Earth is crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes"
OK Elizabeth I'm taking off my shoes.

I think i might have found Narnia for a little while too...yes it was that beautiful 
Winter is saying its last goodbyes to us and it may yet have a few more snow storms surprises for us but today I'm not complaining one bit

Now how about them blue skies. This was Jonah's favorite

she was in heaven. This was a real genuine mama didn't make me smile kinda smile
I had to share this one. Sometimes i fear i will lose one of the many snapshots of the kids along the piles of Cd's full of them (which is my goal to make into real albums by the way...yeah someday;) So here's is our Jonah. He's beautiful he's full of so much love. And he's becoming a man before my eyes. He's loosing his baby cheeks that I've grown so use to seeing. Praying over my boys is more important then ever to me. I feel this urgency to be present in every way right now. 
She is fearless. I wish i had been able to capture her pushing the sled by herself down a little hill and all the while she screams wee!!! But i was holding the Canon and trying to save her from falling head first into the snow.
 Violet Joy loves her snow and we can already tell she loves adventure.

Happy Monday!
Many blessings to you,

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Loving these snow days
I'm loving the need and the feelings that come with snow falling. The blizzard like conditions that push you to slow down. Winters are hard for me. I have to push through and work at finding joy through the cold, grey and long winters we have here. But when it snows i release a sigh of JOY. Because really there is nothing more beautiful then watching heavy snowflakes fall outside. Giving love and finding joy even when its much easier to give into the winter blues and complain. It takes work and prayer but its so worth it! Summer is just around the corner..really it is

Love & Joy come in the form of hot chocolate, a fire going in the fireplace, watching violet snuggle with James after he comes home from work, making plans with the kids for spring break & summer it all breathes....comfort, joy, love i love doing life with them

We stay inside we read more, create, and in our house we dance

Has anyone tried JustDance4?? Its great! Highly recommended for all mamas who need the kids or herself included to burn off some energy and really it helps with cabin fever attitudes. Because all of sudden its a competition who can score the highest dancing there socks off. Yep I'm smitten

Exercise and a whole lot of laughter rolled into one!

Another thing I'm enjoying immensely is getting to know this little baby!

Yes i finally have a camera I'm already enjoying it so much. A tad overwhelmed with all its functions but I'm up to the task! It was worth the wait and this baby will be getting insured pronto.
Expecting to capture thousands of moments taken by a real camera rather then my iPhone.

Hope your taking the time to seek joy and be kind to yourself. Walk in the snow. Make a snow angel.
Dance a little or Dance A LOT! Sing your heart out(even if its just in shower;) and LOVE.
Above all LOVE

many blessings to you & yours