Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Floral and Wear by a *Shopgirl

I know its cold
I know its suppose to look like spring
and yet it isn't
I also know the sun is shinning gloriously today so it is finally time for an outfit post!
I'm excited for spring and the month of March is always my favorite, the whole month makes me think of NEW beginnings. So rocking out to a outfit in freezing temps but sunny skies is always more fun if your wearing something that makes you feel all spring feverish.
And floral it is! It just brings a smile to my face and maybe make others think of sofa fabric but heck i don't care;)

Floral in all its glory
I am not going to lie i truly couldn't see for most of these post. SUN Blindness! Next time I'm wearing shades 

I froze out there but it was fun using the Canon and getting familiar with it so cheers to us for outfit post numero 1 for 2013!

Happy Wednesday!

P.s. Wear some floral it'll put a spring to your step I'm sure;)

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