Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Late Easter Love

Easter 2013

I know I'm a little late to the game of blogging about Easter and all its fun but its never to late for me.
Documenting these moments on the blog is so much fun for me and i know my family afar will love it
So here goes our Easter!

This picture captures so much of her goofball personality
I hosted a Good Friday dinner. I was so intimated to cook this meal for some of the best cooks i know. But low and behold God saw me through it and i didn't burn a thing or kill anyone. Praise the lord!!!;)

We know how to get down to celebrate Jesus. Just Dance4 is so much fun!

Easter Lunch at grams. The best!

So the jar thing was a hit this year wohoo!! I decorated the mason jars and filled those babies up with a little candy and two plastic eggs in each jar. One with a bible verse that i pray over them this year and one with a little cash. I was shocked that the kids didn't have a fit over not having bags of candy and those ridiculous baskets filled with toys to the nines. Ahh I've always hated that whole idea and now i have finally mastered this Easter with focusing on what Easter is all about. Jesus.
Thank you my savior for all you've done for me the debt can never be repaid. Your banner over me is love

God bless!

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