Friday, July 19, 2013

A Pause

A few months ago i prayed for something specifically about purpose and being intentional, something about using my influence to help encourage other women in their journey with faith, motherhood & modest fashion.  I really had no idea anymore if blogging was going to be my way of expressing this but i prayed with hope and  knew i could trust my heavenly father to guide me even in this. So i paused

I read this quote somewhere?? recently and it describes how i have felt perfectly about my blogging & my etsy shop "If there’s ever an instance that blogging does not give you joy and starts to seem like a burden, back away from the computer and pray!"  

And this was my dilemma I no longer found much joy in making headpieces just to make i backed away i want to create but i feel god pulling me in a completely different direction now. And I'm trusting him to show me the way. Also i no longer wanted to blog because it was feeling like a burden to keep up with all my journal entries and thoughts i had during the week. I wanted direction i wanted clarity and I'm pretty sure i got some in my time away from reading blogs and writing. I am forever thankful for my much needed pause. Guilt free:)

Many blessings to you,