Thursday, August 22, 2013

A date

I decided awhile ago that if dating your significant other was a intentional way of reconnecting and that it works and helps your marriage relationship flourish then maybe this was something that i could do with all my relationships in a way. And really why not. Ive learned in the last year or so that the kids crave this kind of one on one time with me or their dad too.

So i date them:)
I make it special even if its just as little as taking them to coffee and playing iPad games..(which is not really my thing but its theirs and this date is all about showing them love, and that i care about what brings them joy. So mama does it

She kills me with her witty one liners and is it just me or can you see how she's starting to look a lot more like me lately..
her Dracula teeth just kill me!

My little introverted sweet spirited girl it takes time to get you to talk about whats on your heart, but when you start sharing i inwardly shout for joy.

Night walks are starting to get cooler and darker earlier so we are starting are bedtime routines soon to get in the full swing of this new school year

Routine you&I have a love and hate relationship but i think as I'm getting older I'm making peace with that. I am not as hard on myself for those off days when my routine goes off kilter and the baby or kids just need more of me. I can't get this time back and I'm trying to hold on to that truth everyday.

Your stretching me God i feel it

I am yearning for a bigger house maybe 
more kids (adopt) that need a family yes
A dream coming true i Hope
All in your time God. I'm trusting him with it all, every time i start to get anxious and i want to jump ahead i come back to the truth he's spoken into my life and that's all i need to keep moving onward into this marvelous brutiful journey called "life".

God bless you & yours on this rainy but beautiful Thursday:)

Monday, August 19, 2013

State Fairs...and stuff:)

Lots and also simple little things happened this weekend and i so regret not picking up that darn camera to capture them. (but i did capture this picture of one of my only plants outside i haven't manage to kill, praise the lord!! & thank you hubby for helping me rescue them. It makes me smile every morning)

This weekend had us hanging out with some of our best buds from our old neighborhood. We sat outside all evening catching up on life, the laughing and sharing of good for our souls:)

We went Kayaking for our date night "FINALLY" with our new kayaks we got this summer. And really it was just as fun and wonderful as i had imagined it would be...i also locked the keys in the car and we had to walk to a friends house to drive us to collect the other car..and well i hadn't imagined that!! But it was a fun night regardless and i had fish for supper "so all was well right hubby;)

He fished while i tried to capture as many pics as i could before the phone died..which they did both of them!
Good times;)


The final hurrah of the weekend came sunday when we decided to leave early to our families first trip to the state fair. It was a rocky start I'm going to have to say and maybe that should have been my first sign that this might not be such a grand idea for our little family of six...
But away we went and it was CRAZY! 
People are everywhere, so much to see and do & rides that made me cringe with anxiety. I am afraid of heights and almost anything that spins you into oblivion so that rules out about 99% of rides for this girl. But not my kids, no my kids have hubbies genetics &  of course did a few of the rides that I'm sure they won't soon forget:)

The skyscraper! Terrifying 70miles an hour and to many feet high.

I watched Violet watching them. That was what i could handle:)

Now that's a memory i won't forget! So after miles of walking through crowds of people in the heat with all kinds of heart attack food to tempt us and my allergies coming on fiercely so that my eyes burned and i could hardly see clearly anymore, the vote was casted and mommy & daddy needed to go home! Happy we took the least once in their lives;) but definitely not sure if we will do this again until all my kids are grown.

Happy Monday to you
God bless you & yours!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Not so "Little" Boys

Little boys

Well they aren't so little anymore. In fact the other day i called them my little boys and they both laughed hysterically, apparently i am in denial and who can blame me..really.

This was a great day. I took them to the river to swim down the rapids & even though i clutched my camera in fear watching them,  i couldn't help but be proud of my letting go "moment":)

 I can't honestly tell you when the transition happened really but i do know that Dr. James Dobson says the change surely happens after the ten year mark. Smart man that Dr. Dobson.

I only became aware of how significantly they had changed after school was out and they hit this huge growth spurt. Summer came and they grew like weeds and with that have yearned for even more independence then ever.
I mean the kids are now up to my chin!! Lord almighty i think they are going to be giants! 
 These days I'm very drawn to reading Dr. Dobson's chapter "Mother & Sons" over and over again. 
Because i need to and because it gives me comfort to know I'm not the only one dealing with this thing called bringing up boys! It gives me heck of a lot of comfort to know that this pushing mama away, is all apart of them growing up to be men. So i cut them some slack and try not to cry too often. 

But sometimes like that one time that son (which will not be named) says to me "mom you feel like you gained 30 pounds" and laughs afterwards and says "just kidding' while waking away. I stand there in complete shock speechless.. seriously kid you really just said that, because that is not my son!! 
I want my real son back the one who chased me for hugs and talked to me through the bathroom door not giving me a minute to myself yeah i want that back! 
Oh he still does that too but it happens less often and usually only after an attack. And not really acknowledging that he hurt my feelings much..Nope he just comes back again later that night and hugs me 
and has the audacity to complain that I'm not giving him any attention…SAY WHAT!! 
Whats the deal with these BOYS!  
Well ladies its all normal because Dr. Dobson that smart man said so. He says the boys need to embrace their masculinity and in order to do this he goes through a season of killing the mama phase or i should say the NEED for her.(I'm totally paraphrasing here!)
that they will eventually love you normally again i guess and whatever alien took over your preteen teen boy will go back to hell oh i mean Space outerSPACE:).. 

He also says not every boy does this (so there is HOPE) there are a few who just sail right past these phases without much of any change and embrace puberty without much fuss. I can believe that because i have one who shows more signs of the later so yes i believe your right and very smart Dr. Dobson and i refer every mama i know that has boys to read this book for guidance... But just in case your wrong Dr. Dobson you owe me some therapy sessions…for me that is ;)

HAPPY Happy Friday to yah
God bless you & yours!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wear a Thrifty Shopgirl:)

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected
in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman
grows with the passing years." -Audrey Hepburn

I just love you Audrey!:)

whole outfit was a thrift treasure find!! (Except the shades they were from a Brickyard Buffalo sale on IG)
The dress the shoes the sweater..It was just one of those good
thrifting days :)
We weren't getting any fashion pics without this little peanut by my side and i didn't mind one bit. The
wind was blowing fierce and my hair was in full humid happy "BIG" Hair day..went with it:)

Sisterly love. Watching them is a dream come true for me 
My photographer the sweetest girl i know, JasmineRose you are amazing. She has grown and changed the most this summer. I am so excited for her third grade year and so is she!

Happy Monday & God bless you & Yours,

Friday, August 9, 2013

TGIF Wear: Loving the maxi skirt daily

Maxi skirt: Target, Sparkled layered tank: Kohl's, Hat:Target

Trying my best to embrace the cooler mornings and evenings that have started here.
It helps that along with these autumn cool days that quickly approach us there is also 
a whole lot of beauty. The colors, the smells, the change in our beautiful surroundings, it all makes it worth saying goodbye to my beloved summer. 
All photo credits go to my little photographer JasmineRose(she checks to make sure she's mentioned;)

Happy Friday &
God bless you&Yours!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being called out..SWEET:)

Ok you awesome mamas out there who are raising kids, there will come a time when you will be called out on your mistakes. Especially past the 5 year mark it starts to get harder and harder to pull something over their precious little eyes. They no longer not notice your many short comings in fact the get real smart and start to call you out!

And aaahhhhh mamas this stage is tough. Not impossible but all the same tough and its making me into one tough motha! Thats my slang term for Im praying for supernatural strength to get me threw this with grace & dignity.

But its real easy to snap back at them when all their doing is being truth tellers. They have every right (with the right tone and attitude mind you) to tell me "mom but i thought you said" or "mom your still not looking at me what did i say"...
For example our family after a wonderful and eye opening marriage conference this year we decided no social media after 6. Very hard at first and i admit i went threw some withdrawals but then it got really easy not to go there. And now fast forward to this summer we have to totally FAILED and back at it.  I got called out on that by the kids my fleshy response was something like this "hey all day I'm busy with you guys the baby, the chores, mama has no time during the day for her awesome hobby of IGing, face booking, podcast & bloggin fun". This response embarrassed me tremendously later after i walked away i realized how selfish i sounded and how right they were. Not my shinning hour for sure.

Raising kids requires us to be honest because the minute you start fibbing they smell it and you are found wanting and loose their respect. I don't want to loose my children's respect i want to know yes i am human i will make mistakes but i won't lie to you and i will ask for your forgiveness when Im being selfish, unkind, unavailable, you name it I'm going to own it and begin again with you kids.

Giving yourself grace but owning your mistake and asking for their forgiveness right away is one thing i know works!  They no longer see me as a perfect mama who can do no wrong because i know at one time in their lives they actually did and heck that was a awesome feeling!!
At first when that stopped it was hard for me to accept and sometimes still is, but its also teaching me to be open and real with them and even myself. 
Leading by example that i can gracefully take being called out on when i make a mistake and can humbly ask them to forgive me is all a teaching moment in the book of life.
 Because lets face it kiddos I'm sure this will not be the last time i drop the ball;)

P.S the 6 o'clock rule is ON again..the kids will let me & you know if its sticking;)

God bless you & Yours

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Wear & sweet travels:)

Aztec print maxi dress: Kmart clearance
lace vest: thrift , cuff bracelet by #farmgirlpaints find her on etsy & Instagram:)
I could live in these dresses all year if the weather allowed it.

I have to give photo credit to my little photographer JasmineRose she's a natural and so much fun to work with. Thanks sweetie!

Our spontaneous Sunday trip to see our family almost didn't happen but we yearned for their company even if it was a short and sweet visit it was worth it.

Babies couldn't resist pestering the sleeping giant. Highlight of the trip was seeing the little cousins play and hearing little Judah talking and watching his personality unfold before us. It was hilarious!
See. Worth it.
Another sweet discovery as you can see here was seeing Jasmine's photo skills. She's a natural at capturing moments already and i couldn't get the camera away from her.
Isn't that one of the neatest things about being a parent, seeing your kids discover and develop a gift. Creativity taking flight and all the good stuff that comes with expressing their God given talents.
Yep that's good stuff folks:)

God Bless you & yours!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Catch up (Life)

To Catch Up means: 

1. to go faster so that you reach the person in front of you (pull ahead give it some gas)

2. to improve in order to reach the same standard or rate as someone or something (to improve or become better or worse)

3. to do something that should have been done before (to make progress, or to achieve something)

4. to talk to someone you have not seen for some time and find out what they have been doing (talk chat fall into conversation again;)

You get the gist "Catch Up"has a whole lot of meaning and i feel my season right now is all about catching up. And today i wanted to catch up on photos, events some small some big but both a treasure in my eyes and a blessing to be able to capture in photos(instagram your the best!) here's our summer collection so far..

Jasmines first spring recital she did soooo good! Finding her  way

I promise i don't let my kids dress like this everyday! This was spirit week for the last
week of school. Every year it gets better:)

Jasmine turns 8!!!! She's changing so much and so fast now

And summer began and so did our family favorite

Striking out in full blown independence. Her words "i walk alone" was the first of many
 independent phrases coming out of her sweet little mouth this summer

Up north shenanigans! Every year its the same and every year we want to stay a 
little longer:)

Kayaks & lake loving are my favorites a added plus was my brother came home for 
a sweet short visit. I just love him:)

A wedding happened our brothers, and our hearts and family continues to grow.
Those girls & that man I am so blessed to have them.

Happy 13 years to us!! 
Its so amazing when we look back and see how Gods redemptive love has
transformed us and gave us a deeper love for one another. 
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always
with the same person" so true:)

Happy Friday to you!!
God bless