Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Being called out..SWEET:)

Ok you awesome mamas out there who are raising kids, there will come a time when you will be called out on your mistakes. Especially past the 5 year mark it starts to get harder and harder to pull something over their precious little eyes. They no longer not notice your many short comings in fact the get real smart and start to call you out!

And aaahhhhh mamas this stage is tough. Not impossible but all the same tough and its making me into one tough motha! Thats my slang term for Im praying for supernatural strength to get me threw this with grace & dignity.

But its real easy to snap back at them when all their doing is being truth tellers. They have every right (with the right tone and attitude mind you) to tell me "mom but i thought you said" or "mom your still not looking at me what did i say"...
For example our family after a wonderful and eye opening marriage conference this year we decided no social media after 6. Very hard at first and i admit i went threw some withdrawals but then it got really easy not to go there. And now fast forward to this summer we have to totally FAILED and back at it.  I got called out on that by the kids my fleshy response was something like this "hey all day I'm busy with you guys the baby, the chores, mama has no time during the day for her awesome hobby of IGing, face booking, podcast & bloggin fun". This response embarrassed me tremendously later after i walked away i realized how selfish i sounded and how right they were. Not my shinning hour for sure.

Raising kids requires us to be honest because the minute you start fibbing they smell it and you are found wanting and loose their respect. I don't want to loose my children's respect i want to know yes i am human i will make mistakes but i won't lie to you and i will ask for your forgiveness when Im being selfish, unkind, unavailable, you name it I'm going to own it and begin again with you kids.

Giving yourself grace but owning your mistake and asking for their forgiveness right away is one thing i know works!  They no longer see me as a perfect mama who can do no wrong because i know at one time in their lives they actually did and heck that was a awesome feeling!!
At first when that stopped it was hard for me to accept and sometimes still is, but its also teaching me to be open and real with them and even myself. 
Leading by example that i can gracefully take being called out on when i make a mistake and can humbly ask them to forgive me is all a teaching moment in the book of life.
 Because lets face it kiddos I'm sure this will not be the last time i drop the ball;)

P.S the 6 o'clock rule is ON again..the kids will let me & you know if its sticking;)

God bless you & Yours

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