Friday, August 16, 2013

Not so "Little" Boys

Little boys

Well they aren't so little anymore. In fact the other day i called them my little boys and they both laughed hysterically, apparently i am in denial and who can blame me..really.

This was a great day. I took them to the river to swim down the rapids & even though i clutched my camera in fear watching them,  i couldn't help but be proud of my letting go "moment":)

 I can't honestly tell you when the transition happened really but i do know that Dr. James Dobson says the change surely happens after the ten year mark. Smart man that Dr. Dobson.

I only became aware of how significantly they had changed after school was out and they hit this huge growth spurt. Summer came and they grew like weeds and with that have yearned for even more independence then ever.
I mean the kids are now up to my chin!! Lord almighty i think they are going to be giants! 
 These days I'm very drawn to reading Dr. Dobson's chapter "Mother & Sons" over and over again. 
Because i need to and because it gives me comfort to know I'm not the only one dealing with this thing called bringing up boys! It gives me heck of a lot of comfort to know that this pushing mama away, is all apart of them growing up to be men. So i cut them some slack and try not to cry too often. 

But sometimes like that one time that son (which will not be named) says to me "mom you feel like you gained 30 pounds" and laughs afterwards and says "just kidding' while waking away. I stand there in complete shock speechless.. seriously kid you really just said that, because that is not my son!! 
I want my real son back the one who chased me for hugs and talked to me through the bathroom door not giving me a minute to myself yeah i want that back! 
Oh he still does that too but it happens less often and usually only after an attack. And not really acknowledging that he hurt my feelings much..Nope he just comes back again later that night and hugs me 
and has the audacity to complain that I'm not giving him any attention…SAY WHAT!! 
Whats the deal with these BOYS!  
Well ladies its all normal because Dr. Dobson that smart man said so. He says the boys need to embrace their masculinity and in order to do this he goes through a season of killing the mama phase or i should say the NEED for her.(I'm totally paraphrasing here!)
that they will eventually love you normally again i guess and whatever alien took over your preteen teen boy will go back to hell oh i mean Space outerSPACE:).. 

He also says not every boy does this (so there is HOPE) there are a few who just sail right past these phases without much of any change and embrace puberty without much fuss. I can believe that because i have one who shows more signs of the later so yes i believe your right and very smart Dr. Dobson and i refer every mama i know that has boys to read this book for guidance... But just in case your wrong Dr. Dobson you owe me some therapy sessions…for me that is ;)

HAPPY Happy Friday to yah
God bless you & yours!