Monday, August 19, 2013

State Fairs...and stuff:)

Lots and also simple little things happened this weekend and i so regret not picking up that darn camera to capture them. (but i did capture this picture of one of my only plants outside i haven't manage to kill, praise the lord!! & thank you hubby for helping me rescue them. It makes me smile every morning)

This weekend had us hanging out with some of our best buds from our old neighborhood. We sat outside all evening catching up on life, the laughing and sharing of good for our souls:)

We went Kayaking for our date night "FINALLY" with our new kayaks we got this summer. And really it was just as fun and wonderful as i had imagined it would be...i also locked the keys in the car and we had to walk to a friends house to drive us to collect the other car..and well i hadn't imagined that!! But it was a fun night regardless and i had fish for supper "so all was well right hubby;)

He fished while i tried to capture as many pics as i could before the phone died..which they did both of them!
Good times;)


The final hurrah of the weekend came sunday when we decided to leave early to our families first trip to the state fair. It was a rocky start I'm going to have to say and maybe that should have been my first sign that this might not be such a grand idea for our little family of six...
But away we went and it was CRAZY! 
People are everywhere, so much to see and do & rides that made me cringe with anxiety. I am afraid of heights and almost anything that spins you into oblivion so that rules out about 99% of rides for this girl. But not my kids, no my kids have hubbies genetics &  of course did a few of the rides that I'm sure they won't soon forget:)

The skyscraper! Terrifying 70miles an hour and to many feet high.

I watched Violet watching them. That was what i could handle:)

Now that's a memory i won't forget! So after miles of walking through crowds of people in the heat with all kinds of heart attack food to tempt us and my allergies coming on fiercely so that my eyes burned and i could hardly see clearly anymore, the vote was casted and mommy & daddy needed to go home! Happy we took the least once in their lives;) but definitely not sure if we will do this again until all my kids are grown.

Happy Monday to you
God bless you & yours!

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