Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend Wear & sweet travels:)

Aztec print maxi dress: Kmart clearance
lace vest: thrift , cuff bracelet by #farmgirlpaints find her on etsy & Instagram:)
I could live in these dresses all year if the weather allowed it.

I have to give photo credit to my little photographer JasmineRose she's a natural and so much fun to work with. Thanks sweetie!

Our spontaneous Sunday trip to see our family almost didn't happen but we yearned for their company even if it was a short and sweet visit it was worth it.

Babies couldn't resist pestering the sleeping giant. Highlight of the trip was seeing the little cousins play and hearing little Judah talking and watching his personality unfold before us. It was hilarious!
See. Worth it.
Another sweet discovery as you can see here was seeing Jasmine's photo skills. She's a natural at capturing moments already and i couldn't get the camera away from her.
Isn't that one of the neatest things about being a parent, seeing your kids discover and develop a gift. Creativity taking flight and all the good stuff that comes with expressing their God given talents.
Yep that's good stuff folks:)

God Bless you & yours!

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