Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer happenings part 1:)

So much has happened this past month in just a few short weeks i really didn't know where to begin so i decided to do this in parts. First reason being that i wasn't going to post a 100 photos on here in one blog post! And of course to spare you a novel we will take this in short sweet chapters because our lives i think really are just that "sweet chapters" and sometimes even bittersweet chapters.

 The sweetness of their cuddles are so precious to me i can't even find the right words to explain the joy it brings to my heart. Except that its just that JOY and pleasure in knowing that our kids love each other and take care of one another. Its a great thing to see unfold before us as they grow up
 Thursdays have traditionally become our day to spend with my parents. We carve out time to just be with them eat their food and sometimes we plan outings. And this time we on a whim headed out in search of something new or in our case it wasn't new but a place we hadn't visited in years.
 We amazingly forgot how beautiful this place is with its natural spring water you can drink! And the trees are amazing all lush big and green we felt we had entered into another state for awhile...or the shire maybe;)

 It was so HOT out the muggy kind and this little peanut fell in the creek while filling up her bottle. She was so happy about it too as you can see here in our after pic. Of course she wasn't dressed appropriately for the weather she hardly ever is but i love that about my quirky little girl
They wandered and discovered while i watched them enjoy the wildness around them
 She is a ham this one. Lays right down on a rock sunbathing as though she was meant to do this all her life and her radiates
 My mom their Abuela is a gift to us. I'm remembering now how she was scolding me that i was letting the older ones go to far she was of course worrying away like all good abuela's do..but then a minute later she finally trust me to take the little ham in to dip her sweet toes too and join in on the adventure. She kills me! mother my gift:)
 That is something closely related to a crab me thinks...all i know for sure is that i wasn't going to touch it
And our JasmineRose was baptized this August and was so excited to take that plunge. It was pure sweetness a memory i will never forget:)

God bless you & yours