Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving words

A little late to the game but none the less thankful
its been awhile since I've put finger to keys and expressed my heart or shared anything. It was on purpose at least some of it and some was just not making the time to sit and write. Been reading more, writing, dreaming, praying through much but most important to me this past month I've been writing out thanks. Saying out loud what i just assumed i was already thankful for. These little things that I've been finding joy in that i would have otherwise missed if i don't put pen to paper its all lost in a glance. Reading my favorite author to date Ann Voskamp daily in her "one thousands gifts" and my heart is blessed with her lyrical words of wisdom, truth, love, and journey to finding Joy in this everyday life. What I'm finding? I'm finding that wanting to find joy daily is only done with a thankful heart and this is hard fought for, so many things pull and tug at this mammas heart to steal and distract from what is centrally crucial to living full and fully alive. It is always a thankful heart.
If i can convince anyone to read one book this year its this it and take your time let it sink in and start your own journal of thanks you won't regret it i promise. With the being said here is my list of thanks that I've been collecting this month:)


1. Home* so thankful for our home. We are sheltered here, talk, love, eat, sleep & thrive here.

2.  Husband, my best friend, champion, lover, confidant. God saw fit to bless me with you and I'm so thankful he has

3. Elijah's long talks

4. he loves little sis

5. Jasmine's sweetness

6. Violets joyful spirit

7. Family ...the help oh how they help me with the kids they love, cherish and spoil them so good. Thankful for that

8. soft warm blankets

9. giggles and laughter in the next room

10. books

11. the psalms

12. twinkle lights all around me

13. sounds of old records crackling through

14. warm bread and butter

15. creating with my hands

16. sunset skys

17. snow

18. baby arms around my neck

19. fireplace warmth warming me up

20. hugs

21. happy mail in the mailbox

22. thrifty finds

23. mothers wisdom

24. my daddy's laugh

25. my body thats carried four blessings into this world

26. christmas music playing

27. singing praise

28. today*

  Looking through our family pics for a christmas card and i keep coming back to this one..i just love it:)

Happy thanksgiving everyone!
God bless you & yours
xoxo Aligna