Saturday, November 21, 2015

Daughter a love letter to you


     Today we spent some intentional time together. We needed it didn't we girl. Our day date of drinking coffee, reading our books and talking about dreams and our favorite music. The thing about us is we are so much alike aren't we. We both tend to be introverted and our love languages are the same.
We both feel love in quality time and receiving thoughtful gifts. And now you are teaching me ways how to connect and pursue you. You have taught me a lot about myself too sweetie. You have made me a better mama and woman JasmineRose. I am so proud of you! Not because you are so obviously beautiful on the outside but your beauty truly rest in your kindness. And mama you are so KIND. Your heart for people is so beautiful. You have always had a old soul wise beyond your years. And I feel so lucky to be your mom. My little woman.

xo~ your mom

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