Monday, March 7, 2016

The prayers to move mountains in your life

 I believe the battle starts in the mind. And when we Battle against our insecurities, fears and  anxieties with the power of prayer and scripture things begin to happen. We get to affirm and reaffirm what God says about us the way he sees us and we get to speak the truth out loud.  We have the chance the choice to renew our mind this way and it's amazing!  You guys it's life-changing. We get to gain some real victory in all these areas or at least that's what I'm beginning to see and experience. I think most of us battle insecurity of some sort fear or anxiety on some level.  When I started reading "so long insecurity, by Beth Moore a few months ago I had no idea how it would impact me. This book was a thrift store find for me and I had heard so many great things about Beth that I was definitely interested but the  revelation and the clarity I got about how much of my life was lived and motivated by fear and insecurity was astounding. It opened my eyes and called me out to true freedom a urgency to not be passive about these areas of my life. This book it was perfect perfect timing.  I can't not share some of these powerful things with you so below I'm going to share a short prayer that she has in the book at the end but honestly I highly recommend getting this book for yourself!!

 **My father in heaven, I thank you for breath this day to give You praise. I thank you for a life where nothing is wasted, a life where pain turns into purpose and your providence assigns a personal destiny.
 You will never allow anything in my path that cannot bring you glory or me and those around me good. No matter what this day holds, I am clothed with strength and dignity.
 I have divine strength to overcome every obstacle and all oppression  because I belong to Jesus Christ, and HIS spirit lives within me.
You, Lord, are my security!!
 No one and nothing can take you from me. You will keep my foot from being caught in a trap.
I choose to turn my back on fear because you are right here with me.
 I can smile over the days to come because your plan for me is good and right.
My heart is steadfast, trusting in you, Lord.
 In the end, I will look in triumph on my foes.
Because of you, I ________________________, Am secure.
 In Jesus' triumphant name, Amen❤️